What To Pay Attention To In The Construction Of Plastic Stadium

1, on the basis of the requirements: Plastic Stadium Cement Foundation for the maintenance of more than 28 days, the completion of asphalt base, plastic stadium surface needs to be calendering, rutting, induration, concave, cracks or openings and other phenomena may not appear on the ground.

2, clean up the scene, water, water part of the circle, the ingredients, mixing site clean, pay attention to maintain the site and the surrounding floor clean.

3, each part strictly according to the process mix mix evenly. The required tools are: Taiwan said, batching barrels, mixing barrels, mixers, open barrels, pliers and so on.

4, the back cover leveling: The water part of the material leveling, and then the bottom cover defoaming, the use of tools are: with carry PA, putty, pedal plate, aluminum scraper. Plastic Golf Course Requirements: 13mm finished, bottom glue thickness: 10±1mm thick.

5, on the bottom of the glue water, the water in accordance with the above process leveling, to the bottom glue without water.

6, according to the Plastic stadium technology requirements of the construction line, the process line cover construction lines and seams, according to the surface of the composition of each group, the material mixing evenly, paving scrape flat, repair Bingxiuping, defoaming. The necessary tools with carry son, Trowel Putty, pedal board, Defoaming Broom.

7, the process line, the need to strictly follow the plastic stadium size line width to draw the entire site, adhesive tape, brush paint, and then peel off tape. Required tool Materials: steel, steel tape (30m above) theodolite, line box, polyurethane paint.

8, Seams: the site requirements seams to be smooth and beautiful, construction staff to inspect the plastic stadium thickness, flatness and so on at any time.