What Are The Characteristics Of The Kindergarten Lawn

1th, Shumai Kindergarten man-made lawn has environmental protection: materials are in line with environmental requirements, artificial turf level can be used for recycling treatment.

2nd, Shumai Kindergarten artificial turf with simulation: artificial turf is the use of bionics production, not only from the color profile, but also from the internal structure of imitation, so that the artificial lawn good elasticity, feet feel comfortable.

3rd, Shumai Kindergarten artificial turf Anti-Aging: Durable, the use of exclusive technology, not easy to fade, very suitable for schools, kindergartens and other high-frequency use of the site.

4th, Shumai Kindergarten artificial turf economic practicality: Shumai man-made lawn can be guaranteed for 6 years.

5th, Shumai Kindergarten artificial turf construction simple, easy to maintain: most of the flat terrain, can be paved, after finishing, only need to keep the site clean, do not need to be like the natural lawn, deliberately maintained.