What Are The Advantages Of Using Artificial Turf In Gateball Courts

First, the artificial lawn Gate course has the good elasticity and the sufficient buffering force.

Second, man-made lawn door permeability permeable, greatly reduce the maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water-saving requirements.

Third, the man-made lawn Gate Stadium is in line with environmental requirements, because artificial turf can be recycled.

The artificial turf gateball field can play a role in reducing noise, damping and decompression.

The artificial turf doors are filled with quartz sand, making the artificial turf more stable, and not getting dirty clothes and surroundings when exercising.

VI, man-made lawn door all the signs on the course of the use of artificial lawn direct weaving, no longer for frequent lines and distress.

The course is economical and practical, the construction period is short, the service life is long, and there is almost no follow-up cost.

Eighth, man-made turf doors of man-made grass materials on the ground requirements are not high, it can be on the cement floor, asphalt ground, or even hard sand directly laid.