The Use Of Artificial Turf And The History Of Domestic Development

In successive football games, the turf dispute became the "conventional" saliva warfare, this year Germany and the old enemy Holland also because of the lawn supply dispute. German fans and players agree that the German lawn will give them a better standard. In the summer of 1990 World Cup Italy, the final stadium was used to provide the German turf, so that the German team found the home feeling, easy to the "Hercules" Cup to include its. Because of the different place of growth, the sunshine, the way of cultivation, the texture, elasticity and flexibility of the natural lawn vary, and these details are likely to affect the outcome of the competition.

The artificial lawn was born in the United States in the 60 's, it is the artificial lawn made of the raw material of the plastic chemical fiber products. It is not like the natural lawn needs to consume the necessary fertilizer, water and other resources, can meet the 24-hour high intensity of the movement needs, and maintenance simple, rapid drainage, excellent site smoothness. At present, artificial turf has been widely used in hockey, baseball, rugby special game venues, football, tennis, golf and other sports of the public practice field or as a ground floor decoration landscaping indoor environment.

Nowadays, the sixth generation of artificial grass, which is made of single fiber filament filament, is closer to the natural lawn in terms of absorption ratio, ball bounce, turning value and so on, even more advantageous in some characteristics. In the exercise safety performance, the new generation of artificial grass fiber on the surface coating, polymerization material improvement has been able to effectively reduce the skin scratches and foot sprain injury and other sports injuries.