The History Of The Artificial Grass

Hello everyone. Do you know artificial grass? There are so many people using it to put into home backyard, as carpet and even play golf on it. But they still dont know its name, not mentioned its history. Its name is artificial grass: a synthetic fake grass with many advantages compared to real grass. But today, I am going to talk about its history instead of its shining points. The first notable artificial turf was created by David Chany in 1960, Dean of the North Carolina State University College of Textiles. And as a failed misery that nutural grass in the state-of -the-art indoor stadium are dead, so it is time to install artificial grass into infield and outfield. Therefore, artificial grass has been popular. And artificial grass was introduced in 1980s, but was popularized in large area in 1990s. And now artificial grass is used in many fields such as sports areas like football tennis and landscaping areas like residential park garden and etc.So whatever you use artificial grass or nor, it is high time to use it. It is not only beautify your home,but also beautify your mood.Come and move to artificial grass into your home.