The Applications Of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass are divided into mainly two applications: one is sports area, another is landscaping area. While sports area is divided into several parts. It includes football/soccer areas, tennis courts, basketball areas, golf clubs, badminton/table tennis courts and clubs and other else sports courts. Artificial grass with many kinds and style are suitable for those above sports areas. The next is landscaping areas. It is also divided into several big parts. Firstly, home. Balcony, front yard, backyard, swimming pool or roof are essential to decorate with artificial grass to bring beauty into house. Secondly, commercial use. Artificial grass also has a magic to make hotel, park, resorts and even office to make people bright with good mood. Thirdly, everywhere needs decoration. There is no deny that there becomes a shining place if you use artificial grass well such as artificial grass in wedding room.

So make good use of artificial grass with so many functions.