The Advantages Of Artificial Turf In Gateball Stadium

1th, the artificial lawn of Gateball stadium has good elasticity and sufficient cushioning force;

2nd, the gate Stadium man-made lawn breathable permeable, greatly reduced the maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water-saving requirements;

3rd, the gate Stadium man-made lawn conforms to the environmental protection request, Shumai artificial lawn from the raw material all is chooses the environmental protection material;

4th, Gateball Lawn can play the role of reducing noise, damping, decompression;

5th, the artificial lawn of the Gateball stadium uses the quartz sand to fill, causes the man-made lawn to be more stable, and does not get dirty clothes and the environment in the movement;

6th, Gateball Stadium man-made lawn door All the lines of all the signs using artificial grass directly woven, no longer for frequent line and distress;

7th, the artificial grass material of the Gateball stadium is not high to the foundation, so it can be laid directly on the cement ground, asphalt ground, even hard sand;

8th, the gate Stadium man-made lawn economic and practical, short construction cycle, long service life, almost no follow-up costs.