Some Advices About The Installation Of Artificial Grass

1. Artificial grass is very popular for sports flooring or decoration of home garden and landscaping. And its installation is easy, too. Many people are worried about what it needs and how many it needs in the installation. Here is some advice.If you want to add its beauty and expand its long service life, rubber granule is essential in the installation. Rubber granule not only can keep grass yarn keep upright to look neat, but also reduce shock absorption to expand lifespan of artificial grass. So it is needs 5-8 kg to put in one square meter of artificial grass. Be attention: 5-7 kg is a basic number. It just pays an general effect. While 8 kg of rubber granule can achieve a good impact to artificial grass. So if you want a good effect your artificial grass, why not spend a little to choose a 8 kg of artificial grass to save the cost of changing a new artificial grass.


Joint tape is essential in the process of installing artificial grass. So how to calculate quantity of it in the installation of artificial grass. The length of artificial grass is 20cm, and the width is 200m/roll. First, you should count the size of place where you put artificial grass on. And generally, the size of every roll is 4*25m which is about 100 square meter. And the function of joint tape is to connect every roll of artificial grass. For example, if the court to be put on artificial grass is 100*25. So the length of courts needs 4 *4 (width of artificial grass) and the width needs 2*25(length of artificial grass). Then joint tape is needed one roll. And if it is a sport court, white grass is for sign. You must need to calculate well the location of white grass and then joint tape can be courted exactly.