People Have More And More Functional And Quality Requirements For The Use Of Sports Lawn

Man-made grass material environmental protection, on-site laying, quality easy to observe, construction convenience. Artificial grass breathable permeable, can be laid on asphalt or concrete foundation, the basic quality requirements are not high, not cracked, and no bubble delamination worries, simple and economic. Lawn industry is a new industry, the history of development in China is very short, but its rapid development, the society to its demand for more and more high, more and more attention. The current turf varieties to the management requirements are very strict, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries are cultivating resistance to pruning, low and disease-resistant varieties, so far, our country has not produced their own better warm season-style lawn seeds. Because mixed sowing can play the advantages of grass species, resist all kinds of unfavorable factors and enhance the stress resistance, the planting of different turf varieties is still the development trend of turf planting.

Domestic has the scale, the strength lawn enterprise all has the grass fiber production ability, has entered the independent research and development stage. Now have Jiangsu, Shandong and other places of strong enterprises in grass fiber and lawn technology has reached a world-class level, the global man-made grass industry to achieve a high standard of quality level, access to the FIFA certification, so that the domestic end-users get the greatest benefits, can be purchased in the domestic market to international quality level of products. Artificial turf industry in the early 80 only in the rapid development of the world, in the 90 's, the Chinese artificial turf market began to start and develop, the domestic production of artificial turf enterprises, but the market is mainly imported artificial turf. At the same time, the domestic man-made grass fiber enterprises also quietly sound development; At this stage, China's grass fiber and lawn enterprises began to explore the global market, gradually into Europe, the Middle East and other markets.