How To Install Artificial Grass Into Football Stadium

Football is a kind of interesting and vigorous sports for many people love to play. But it is not a sport to play in everywhere. The best place is professional football stadium or small football pitch with artificial grass. Artificial grass is very important which decides how well you play. So playing football with artificial grass is a comfortable thing. So how to install artificial grass into football stadium. It is a little complex. First you need to prepare the material well. Here are the materials for installation in football stadium. First, as you all know,  artificial grass turf is essential. You can do nothing without it. Second, rubber granule. You may see playground of school and university. There are always rubber granule on it. Why? Because they can keep artificial grass turf upright and expand artificial grass long service life. How important it is. Third, joint tapes. What is joint tape function? Artificial grass cannot a large sheet for a whole courts. Normally the size of it is 4*25m. So joint tape is to connect one roll with another roll artificial grass. So here glue is not indispensable. Put on the glue in the joint tape and connect artificial grass. Then is white grass. The standard football court has white grass to sign the position of every players. So it also has a big function.

Fake grass is very suitable for commercial spaces. For example: artificial grass for business area. It has a amazing function to green people mood when they work tiredly. Besides, green is also good for eyes. What about city spaces. Artificial grass in there can improve the level of urban civilization and make a good image of city. Next is the place of car dealerships. The feel of artificial grass is clean and neat. When the clients come to your shop, clean environment will add points for you. Shopping center is same as car dealership. It is also bring clients more tidiness so that attract people to come into. And artificial grass needs less. And it saves money, water, and time, and enjoy reduced noise from mowers and blowers. The natural appearance of artificial grass look realistic to beautify your mood.