How To Install Artificial Grass In Your Home?

Are you using artificial grass in your home? Have you used artificial grass in room for children safety? Do you play golf in your home backyard? Artificial grass is an amazing turf that you dont need to spend your time and energy to mow and fertilite. It always make you full of vigor in four seasons.

Maybe you feel troublesome when install artificial grass even if you want artificial grass in your home to feel home beauty and green. Here I tell you it is not difficult to install artificial grass into your home. Maybe you can call a company. It is also ok for DIY.Let me tell you how to DIY.

1. Prepare the surface

Remove the existing top layer of grass(if applicable)

2. Lay the base

Apply 50-100mm of road base over area. Spread evenly using a straight edge.

3. Compact the base

Using a heavy roller. Compact the area to ensure a flat and sound base is achieved.

4. lay the turf

lay the turf in the required area ensuring that no creases are prosent.

5. Trimming /joining

If a join is required use tape and/or synthetic turf adhesive.

6. Secure the turf

Using pegs, secure the turf in each corner and roughly every 500mm around the edge.

7. Spread  sand

Spread  fine sand evenly across the surface. Sweep until it disappears into the grass.

8. Enjoy your artificial grass in your home.