How To Clean The Artificial Lawn

Now the standard of living has improved, people's quality of life is also improving, man-made lawn carpet will often leave people discarded juice, milk, ice cream, blood, such as "water" stains, and so we clean the man-made lawn cleaning personnel caused serious trouble, but trouble came we will clean. The first to clean these stains with soap water scrub man-made lawn, followed by clean water thoroughly rinse with soap, but sometimes there is a lot more absorbent dry things, such as towels, sponges and so on. Here are some of the common things in our lives on the lawn, as artificial turf manufacturers we have given the corresponding solution:

1, paraffin, cypress and asphalt and other items on the above, to be hard to wipe or sponge dipped in full vinyl wipe.

2, shoe polish, sunscreen, ballpoint oil, etc., can be dipped in the sponge on the full vinyl wipe, with strong absorbent towel suction dry.

3, paint, paint, etc., can be turpentine or paint remover wipe, with detergent and water decontamination, and then rinse with cold water detergent, and hard wipe, with a sponge dipped in full vinyl wipe.

4, chewing gum, can be sprayed into small pieces of freon after the removal of residue.

5, fungus or mildew point, can be 1% hydrogen peroxide into the water, wipe after thoroughly soaked with water