Common Problems In Production Of Artificial Turf

1th, grass silk color uneven, appear chromatic aberration

There are two reasons for this.

Different color of grass silk production and processing into a lawn paved with a site will produce chromatic aberration.

To ensure that each batch of grass silk thickness consistent, Yenze uniform, is a technical content than a higher amount of work, the application of technology can not reach the requirements of wire drawing equipment production of raw materials often appear color problems.

Green wo Man-made lawn has 10 of artificial turf production experience, experience, continuous innovation, in the future, there will be better products dedicated to everyone.

2nd, man-made lawn laying in the outdoors, after direct sunlight after the emergence of obvious fading

Under ultraviolet irradiation, artificial turf stability and color fastness, resulting in artificial turf faded.

Shumai man-made lawn from raw materials using environmentally-friendly high-performance materials, from raw materials to eliminate the possibility of fading.

3rd, the artificial lawn appears the silk or the breakage most reason is because the substrate strength and the abrasion resistance are not enough, the bottom liner durability is the artificial turf quality key question.

4th, the site off the silk problem may be the bottom back scraping gum uneven, scraping process immature or grass silk wear resistance is relatively low. Especially for young athletes, the phenomenon of wire removal often affects health.