Characteristics Of Artificial Turf Products

Characteristics of artificial turf products

1, in a variety of basic surface installation, the basic quality requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking, no foaming, layered worries, simple and economic. Artificial grass material environmental protection, finished product construction, fixed period of time and shorter, quality easy to grasp, simple acceptance.

2, the overall layout of the beautiful artificial turf, the high usage rate, with abrasion resistance loss, easy deformation, easy coloring, good elasticity, anti-static, shock absorption, shock absorption, easy installation, low maintenance cost, durable high fidelity, grass fiber is soft, had no skin injury; strong wear resistance long service life; anti UV, corrosion resistance, anti mildew, and no environmental pollution, do not fade; good ventilation and drainage performance; service life can reach more than 8 years, and durable resistance maintenance, all-weather continuous use.

3, artificial grass maintenance simple, low maintenance costs, only clean water can remove dirt, but also has no fading, no deformation and other characteristics.

4. The artificial lawn has the characteristics of shock absorption, no noise, safety, elasticity. It is suitable for school use. It is the best training, activity, competition and other venues.

5, take the concept of artificial turf safety and environmental protection, in order to avoid sports injury is dominant, it provides enough buffering power, reduce the general hard on the feet may cause damage, so you have absolutely no concerns caused by the site. The lawn line is made up of direct preparation, no need for frequent marking and trouble, easy maintenance, and almost no follow-up maintenance fees.


Cleaning and maintenance:

1, after the game with a vacuum cleaner in time to clean paper, nuts and other debris.

2, every two weeks with a special brush combing grass seedlings, the lawn dirt and leaves and other debris cleared.

3, monthly or frequent after the game with a special rake flat quartz sand or a rubber particle.

4, the dirt on the lawn, rain will wash clean, or with artificial irrigation.

5, hot summer, you can spray the lawn with water cooling, so that the movement cool and comfortable.