Advantages Of Landscape Artificial Turf

Landscape artificial turf can be installed on a variety of basic surfaces, the basic surface requirements are not high, but the basic surface is clean and flat, simple and economical. Shumai man-made lawn is both environmentally friendly and economical, finished construction, simple construction, easy acceptance.

Landscape man-made lawn overall layout is very beautiful, is the hotel, parks, villas and other decorative environmental protection materials, to guests and visitors to bring the four seasons such as the enjoyment of spring, and cleaning simple, just rinse dirt with water can be.

Landscape man-made lawn can not only reduce noise, safe and harmless, and full of flexibility, flame-retardant properties of good characteristics, very suitable for schools, kindergartens, hotels, roofs, parks and other venues.

Shumai artificial turf leisure grass applicable to a wide range, such as landscape courtyard, building greening, rooftop greening, hotel decoration, etc., grass silk color green, highly simulation, is the best alternative to natural lawn.