Greens football Sports Turf

Greens football Sports Turf
Product Details

 greens football turf 

Color deep green with a white
Pile height 35 mm
Gauge 5/8
Payment  T T 30% Deposit 
Delivery   7~15 days after payment 
M.O.Q.     500 sqm

        All-weather: Artificial lawn is totally free from the influence of weather and region. It can be used in extreme climate areas such as high temperature, high altitude and so on, and has a long service life.
       Simulation: The artificial lawn adopts the bionics principle and has good simulation, which makes the sportsman safer and more comfortable in sports. The rebound speed of foot sense and ball sense is similar to that of natural lawn, which is more professional.
       Multi-purpose: artificial lawn colors
Various, durable and durable, it can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings. It is the best choice for sports venues, leisure courtyards, roof gardens and other places.

Case show

Our service

1.We long run supply sports court and landscaping design artificial grass.
2.We offer installation instruction and support. 
3.We ensure 15 days delivery time
4.We can made the grass as your specification request.

Our  grass can be used as stadium or international competition court.

5.We have our own factory ,and we can supply many kinds of artificial grass.

6.If your order is large enough,we can give you the best price.

7.If your order is above 1000 sqm, the price will be Preferential.

8.We can charter a ship to book shipping space and deliver the goods to the port of destination.

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