High Quality Artificial Grass

Specification Product characteristics: Qingdao hills turf 4 tones high quality artificial grass is used for crawling, playing indoors, outdoor garden flooring , etc. .The high quality artificial grass is safe and can be moved at any time, and it is very convenient. high quality artificial grass...
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Product Details




Great value Landscape Artificial Lawn Grass



Pile height






Color fastness

DIN 54004 sale 7

UV stability

DIN 53887≥6000 hr




Durable 2 layers PP+ non-woven Bonar composite layer, or PP+ Mesh


BSF Latex

Roll Size

4m*25m, 2m*25m, or customized


Landscape turf,Home garden grass/lawn, Indoor floor carpet, Artificial grass/Lawn Roof Decoration



We all know that the new house needs to put some green plants to formaldehyde, empty house, put a few pots of green plants, suddenly bright many, now many young people do not like the old style of decoration, according to their own wishes to decorate, most people like the European garden style small rooms, wall windows full of red and red Green flowers. A lot of people look at it very well. If the natural flower is really grass, it can't be done without special care, or even bad. Of course, these problems have been solved since artificial lawns and artificial fake plants have been constructed. How to arrange at random, how much you want to put, how long you want to put it, how long it will last, it will not fade, it will not wither and rot, life is very long.

Main application area

Office building  decoration 

Indoor outdoor flooring

Wall decoration 

Roof flooring 

Back yard ground decoration 

Case show







1,Will the blue mat put in the swimming pool be harmful to the human body?
  No,Safe raw materials, no harm to the human body, environmental protection, no pollution, recyclable.
2,If it is accidentally eaten by children, they will be poisoned?
   It's not that serious. It's not food,  avoid eating.
3,Is the price of the product  the factory price?
  Yes,we are manufacturer,the price is the cheapest factory price.
4,If there are other items to be purchased, can you help with the delivery?
Of course, we can also help you purchase other items, customer first.



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