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Specification Product characteristics: Fake turf is different from natural grass, compared with natural grass, What are the main advantages of artificial turf? 1, Low economic cost Natural lawn need to trim, irrigation, fertilization and daily maintenance can normal use, its service life is...
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Great value Landscape Artificial Lawn Grass



Pile height






Color fastness

DIN 54004 sale 7

UV stability

DIN 53887≥6000 hr




Durable 2 layers PP+ non-woven Bonar composite layer, or PP+ Mesh


BSF Latex

Roll Size

4m*25m, 2m*25m, or customized


Landscape turf,Home garden grass/lawn, Indoor floor carpet, Artificial grass/Lawn Roof Decoration



  Artificial turf consists of three layers of material. Base layer is composed of cement soil, gravel and asphalt or concrete layer. Base layer for solid, deformation, the surface is bright and clean and waterproof, namely the general conditions of the concrete. Because the lacrosse field area is large, when construction must deal with base layer, prevent subsidence. If spread concrete layer, concrete curing should be cut out after dilatation joint, to prevent thermal deformation and fracture.

      Above the base layer is a layer of buffer layer, usually of rubber or plastic foam. Rubber elasticity is moderate, the thickness of 3 ~ 5 mm. With lower cost of foam, but flexibility is poor, the thickness of 5 ~ 10 mm, thick grass too soft, and concave; Lack of elastic thin, less than the buffer role. Buffer layer is firmly stick on the base layer, usually with white latex or adhesive paste.

       The third layer and surface layer for the divot. In accordance with the manufacture of surface shape of circular curls the turf, nylon grass, leaf sod polypropylene fiber, nylon yarn preparation permeable turf, etc. This layer also must use emulsion glue on the rubber or foam. Construction must fully glue, close to the prison in turn, can't wrinkle folding.


      Abroad, divot common two kinds: 1, grass leaf fiber thin layer, only 1.2 ~ 1.5 mm; 2, grass fiber thicker, 20 ~ 24 mm, its filled with quartz almost to the fiber on the top.

Main application area

Outdoor  floor carpet 

Wall decoration 

Roof flooring carpet

Back yard ground decoration 

Park ground decoration

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