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Specification Product characteristics: Artificial turf cost is used for outdoor garden flooring , etc. .The artificial grass carpet is safe and can be moved at any time, and it is very convenient. Artificial lawn can also be used in residential interior decoration, such as: decorative tables,...
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Great value Landscape Artificial Lawn Grass



Pile height






Color fastness

DIN 54004 sale 7

UV stability

DIN 53887≥6000 hr




Durable 2 layers PP+ non-woven Bonar composite layer, or PP+ Mesh


BSF Latex

Roll Size

4m*25m, 2m*25m, or customized


Landscape turf,Home garden grass/lawn, Indoor floor carpet, Artificial grass/Lawn Roof Decoration



 adhesive turf construction technology
1.must will be adhesive turf bottom interface, such as cloth clean, and the surface dry moisture.
Persons to be 3.2 and the temperature of operational environment in construction for more than 5 ℃ advisable, moreover should not be in the rain and the construction of the mould rains weather, otherwise it will lead to bonding time is too long and even lead to non-stick phenomenon.
 concrete construction process:
2. glue: requirements with glue in surface coating thickness uniformity and irreversible glue, can appear otherwise foaming phenomenon, or even fall. Cloth use glue, strictly control the thickness of the glue, note glue to the appropriate speed, glue should apply the glue two bonding surface.
3. sticky and: according to the practical conditions, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, reasonable control system of drying time. Within 10 to 30 minutes after general with glue, mucilage to reach into dry to touch not advisable. One-off requirement when bonding cement, must not be adhesive in stuck and then back to the mobile object.
4 pressure: good adhesive again, remove the surface of sundry, special rubber hammer hammer out the stick it to both sides, make good contact with the surface is close-grained, adhesive firmer.
5 curing, the curing time is three days commonly, the final strength generally for ten days. Maintenance should be paid attention to during curing, avoid exposure, water immersion and moving, has reached the best.
6 adhesive in before and quartz sand and rubber granules, used imported cleaner to clean site of grass cutting pieces of processing.
 construction matters needing attention:
7 construction, may not be adhesive glue exposure time is too long, had taken over due to solvent evaporation will stick to the construction.
8 such as the temperature is too low, can use hot water heating to 15-20 ℃, can restore the original state, and the performance is constant.
, quartz sand and rubber particles of shop:
Must be used when 6.1, spread seeder for distribution. Quartz sand required roundness by more than 80%, circle diameter 0.2 1.5 mm.
9 artificial turf fields does after the installation is complete, before laying quartz sand and rubber granules.
10 laying, quartz sand, according to the design with sand injection points a N time, amount of each spread again have to repeatedly with professional grooming equipment carding quartz sand falling fully dense. Shop is found in any impurities shall immediately remove, in order to ensure quality.
11 the laid of quartz sand must check whether level off and sufficient, deliberate deficiencies shall fill.
12 fill again on the quartz sand with rubber particles, method with quartz sand shop is the same.





Main application area

Factory outdoor ground decoration 

Home back yard flooring 

All kinds garden decoration 

County yard ground decoration 

Case show







1、will the artificial grass yarn fall off for using a period of time?

      No,The yarn grass is directly woven on the bottom and will not fall off easily.


2、Can you guide the installation?

    Of course,We can guide remotely, and we can also guide the installation in special cases.


3、Do children touch and play on the lawn are harmless?


    There is no need to worry. The material is 100% safe and pollution-free, and it can be recycled for two times.


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