Artificial Grass Installation

Specification Product characteristics: Artificial grass installation for landscape is used for crawling, playing indoors, playing various kinds of balls, etc. .The green fake grass carpet is safe and can be moved at any time, and it is very convenient. Artificial grass can also be used in...
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Great value Landscape Artificial Lawn Grass



Pile height






Color fastness

DIN 54004 sale 7

UV stability

DIN 53887≥6000 hr




Durable 2 layers PP+ non-woven Bonar composite layer, or PP+ Mesh


BSF Latex

Roll Size

4m*25m, 2m*25m, or customized


Landscape turf,Home garden grass/lawn, Indoor floor carpet, Artificial grass/Lawn Roof Decoration

Product characteristics: 

Artificial grass installation for landscape  is used for  playing indoors, playing various kinds of balls, etc. .The green artificial grass carpet is safe and removable, and it is very convenient. Artificial grass can also be used in residential decoration, such as: decorative tables, cabinets, kitchen, bedroom, wall, ground ,swimming pool and so on, Outdoor, for garden ground, back yard, hotel flooring decoration ,etc.  the use is very extensive.

1, All-weather, artificial turf is not affected by climate, no matter the wind or rain, the lawn will keep its original character, and it will not be damaged.;

2, Evergreen: natural grass Natural grass will wither, green artificial  turf  can still bring you the feeling of spring;

3, Environmental protection, materials are conform to the requirements of environmental protection, artificial turf surface can be recycled;

4, Simulation, artificial grass is using bionics principle, flexibility is good, the foot feels comfortable

5, Durability: durable, not easily fade, especially suitable for the use of high frequency field;

6, Economy: general can guarantee the service life of more than five years;

7, Free maintenance, artificial grass has virtually no maintenance cost, you just need to prevent the artificial damage.

8, The construction is simple: artificial grass can be in hard asphalt, cement, sand and other venues pavement on the base.

Of course, in addition, Qingdao hills turf landscape  green grass has a lot of advantages, Hills turf has own production line, has a professional sales team and after- service team, delivery time control, customer service problems can also keep track. Customer 's satisfaction is our service tenet.

Main application area

Outdoor hotel  floor carpet 

Wall decoration 

Roof flooring 

Back yard ground decoration

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