Landscaping Artificial Grass

Landscaping Artificial Grass

  • Synthetic Garden Grass
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    Synthetic Garden Grass

    synthetic garden grass Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass. However, it is now being used on residential lawns and commercial applications as well. The...Read More
  • Back Yard Garden Grass
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    Back Yard Garden Grass

    Back yard garden grass Artificial turf first gained substantial attention in the 1960s, when it was used in the newly constructed Astrodome. this term since then became a generic trademark for any artificial turf throughout the late 20th century. The first generation turf systems (i.e.,...Read More
  • Garden Use Interlocking Artificial Grass
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    Garden Use Interlocking Artificial Grass

    Garden use interlocking artificial grass The plastic pedestal lawn mat is a popular product in recent years. The special base is designed with close adhesion between the turf and the base. It can be firmly fixed to the ground. Usually many resort areas, seaside villas, some cafes, and the art...Read More
  • Three Tone Leisure Grass
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    Three Tone Leisure Grass

    Three Tone Leisure grass In addition to the home garden, the indoor bathroom, the kitchen and other places, a lot of tea bar, coffee bar, leisure stadiums and stadiums are used in this artificial lawn decoration bar or part of the ground floor paving, only as decoration or noise reduction, many...Read More
  • International Football Field Artificial Grass
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    International Football Field Artificial Grass

    International football field artificial grass For a long time, the world cup has come. Now the team is competing for the seat. Embarrassing mistakes disappoint a lot of fans. Of course, there will be a surprise. Of course, the international big game, as the four year world cup, has to pay...Read More
  • Landscaping Garden Grass
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    Landscaping Garden Grass

    Landscaping Garden grass The height of the straw is less than 20mm. It is usually popular in daily life. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor, tea pads, bathroom mats, kitchen tableware mats, living room antiskid pads and so on. It can also be used as a paving mat for the small amusement park...Read More
  • 4Tone Interlock Artificial Grass
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    4Tone Interlock Artificial Grass

    4Tone Interlock Artificial Grass The 4 color landscape interlocking turf mat is a new product recently made by the company. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor ground decoration, the bottom is the plastic interlocking hollow base, the base is the artificial lawn with 4 colors of straight...Read More
  • Interlocking Movable Artificial Grass For Landscaping
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    Interlocking Movable Artificial Grass For Landscaping

    Interlocking Movable Artificial Grass for landscaping Interlocking artificial turf provides a more convenient and quick installation function and beautiful appearance for the whole artificial lawn. 2, provide better vibration absorption performance for lawn system, reduce sports injury and fall...Read More
  • Durable Outdoor Interlock Tiles Artificial Grass
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    Durable Outdoor Interlock Tiles Artificial Grass

    Durable outdoor interlock tiles artificial grass Because of its light weight, easy operation and easy pavement, a standard site takes only one day. Because the water is not absorbent, the pavement is not affected by the weather. Because of the design of the interlocking joint, all joints can be...Read More
  • Plastic Bottom Interlocking Artificial Landscape Grass
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    Plastic Bottom Interlocking Artificial Landscape Grass

    Plastic Bottom interlocking artificial landscape grass Outdoor landscape four color grass is very common in everyday life. This special bottom plastic hollowed out turf is very suitable for garden, coffee bar, inn, tea bar, and so on. The lawn is a common landscape lawn ornamental lawn, the...Read More
  • Anti Ultraviolet Interlocking Artificial Garden Grass
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    Anti Ultraviolet Interlocking Artificial Garden Grass

    Anti Ultraviolet Interlocking Artificial garden grass Compared with the 4 color artificial landscape lawn, the 3 color grass is more popular, the color is unified, the straight silk and the curved silk color are fresh green, does not have the strong contrast, the mixture color. The bottom is...Read More
  • Best Quality Interlocking Artificial Garden Grass
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    Best Quality Interlocking Artificial Garden Grass

    Best quality interlocking artificial garden grass Four color landscape grass is widely used, indoor, outdoor free area, commercial use, office area decoration, ground skid, noise reduction, roof prevent rain, the recent weather is not good, local storm, caused trees, houses collapsed, roofs were...Read More
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