Summer green artificial grass

Summer and day, a clear sky, every family holidays are starting to travel, especially children, like to play with soil, play sand, roll the lawn, and catch up with you, but the hidden dangers of security appear, and many of the grass outside are not very sanitary, and there are some dirty things in the natural grass, and there will be parasites in the natural grass. Insects and so on, bitten children, children play in the process, and will not care, at that time there was no reaction, but some poisonous pests will cause a series of bad symptoms after the parents, cause unidentified reasons, anxious. Some grass trees are spraying pesticides for greening. When playing, they do not know whether pesticides are left or not. They are easily poisoned. Now the only substitute for natural grass is artificial turf, very humanized design, soft and flexible, safe experience, very suitable for daily life, children can touch at any time, do not have pests, and do not need to spray pesticide, safety, environmental protection, and will not wither, very many benefits. The realistic simulation design is basically the same as the natural lawn, so the summer special necessities -- artificial lawn, heatstroke prevention and cooling is safe, beautiful and easy to use.