Maintenance and maintenance of artificial turf movement system

1, in order to maintain the playground artificial turf good water permeability, should be regularly the quartz sand rake flat, turn loose quartz sand to maintain the uniform flatness of quartz sand.

2, the thickness of quartz sand around 14-16mm is appropriate.

3, the length of grass wire in different sports fields is different, the corresponding amount of sand filling is also different, in order to maintain the normal amount of sand need to be ready to supplement to maintain the stability of artificial turf system.

4, in order to maintain the artificial turf and turf foundation stability, should not wear more than 5mm of spikes into the field, vehicles and other heavy weights to be strictly prohibited.

5. If some lawn is found to be damaged or unglued, it should be repaired in time to prevent further damage to man-made turf.

6, artificial turf playground system main raw materials are composed of PP and PE, so prohibit smoking in the sports venues or bring kindling into.

7, rainy season man-made lawn easy to long moss, causing the site wet and slippery, so in the long-term because of the season, the lawn should be washed in time, Shang lawn.

8, strictly prohibited to carry any chemicals into the sports artificial lawn, causing chemical pollution.

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