Main points of artificial turf construction

Put the line (measurement), find the center point of the site and two semicircular centers, and according to the three positioning point pull line, set out the center line and the intersection point, and then to the Pythagorean theorem to set out the location of the corner points, lines of the exact position, and then set out the function points, the position of the line; with ink or paint line pop-up.

The artificial turf is moved into the site along the transverse side direction spread, and in turn by one end of the longitudinal edge to the other end, spread out, as far as possible to make the white underlined on the turf in the functional line position, reduce the number of cutting;

The white grass, which is woven on the outer edge of the turf and not placed on the functional line, is cut down and placed aside for use, if the white line is woven separately, it must be cut into 12CM wide white line by hand;

The green turf of the joints of the 2-3 cm, with the grass to push the knife from the center of the lap cut, so that both sides of the turf as close as possible, and then cut paper knife for pruning;

The 20 or 30 cm wide connection band is rolled up along the turf seams and placed below the sod, as far as possible to make the seams of the turf in the center of the connecting belt (if the rain is wet, need to dry half-day drying), and then the universal glue with rubber scraper evenly coated on the connection belt, and then put on both sides of the turf, glued to the connection belt, and with rubber hammer to thrash, so that the bonding part of the bonding close. If the gap is larger after straightening, it can be cut apart at 2-5 centimeters, stretching to the interface to ensure beautiful appearance;