indoor mini golf putting green

In the late spring and early summer, it was a rainy season. The city I lived in was almost rainy every day. It was sunny in the morning, and suddenly there was thunder and lightning in the afternoon. Most people do not like rainy days. They are not convenient to go out. They originally agreed to have tea and chat with friends, and they could not go. Under such conditions, why not be in the indoor entertainment, do not need much effort, and do not need to rain, temporary building a golf course, indoor mini golf, can drink tea, chat, play golf entertainment, kill two birds with one stone, and have a good mood. Hillsturf professional production and sales integrated management for 16 years, import and export two-way service, the majority of customers agree. Wherever you are, where you live, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Golf green grass is also a more customer choice of a casual grass, with the improvement of living conditions, families have realized the importance of enjoyment, first of all, golf is a more elegant and emotional leisure and entertainment activities, go out to large golf clubs, usually very expensive, the need to run various members. Card, not all people can do it. But now with artificial turf golf putting green, you can build a mini golf course at home, playing with a couple of friends, practicing hands, and entertaining.