How to identify man-made lawns good and bad

1th, whether all of the man-made grass fiber using a new high purity PP, PE as raw materials, all raw materials are all once modified to make fiber, to ensure the physical and chemical stability of the fiber, in the process of synthetic fiber to add a moderate amount of anti-UV., antioxidant, anti-static, lodging and other additives, so that the fiber ensures six years of service life, and in the period of use is not easy to appear aging, wear, fade and so on.

2nd, the product bottom back is the use of composite elastic structure (about 1.5-2mm thick), after finishing the coating to make the bottom firmer strong and flexible.

3rd, the product fiber feel smooth and full of elasticity, color uniform soft, strong backing, full of elasticity, gelatinize uniform luster.

4th, by contrast, the quality of the product fiber appearance color is uneven, thin and light, dry handle, open the net uneven and more burrs, back layer soft and thin, no support feeling. Its single material, simple process, the lack of a number of additives, its quality is difficult to ensure, easy to weather protection of sports security low.