Development course of sport-type artificial turf products

Artificial turf from 1975 to the present, the change is very big, below, Shumai artificial lawn gives everybody simple introduction under:

The first generation of products (1975-1977): Nylon fiber products, not filled with sand, no elastic layer, hot weather will be skin burns, and the maintenance of water consumption is very large.

Second generation Products: (1977-so far) nylon fiber products, not filling the sand, the second generation of products to increase the elastic layer, but the problem of Burns has not been resolved, maintenance also needs to consume a lot of water.

Third-generation Products: (1982-1985) Product materials to the original fiber containing PP fiber grass, and filled with sand, the third generation has reduced the elastic layer, and the texture of hard, skin burns third-generation products have not been resolved.

Fourth generation of Products: (1985-so far) containing the original fiber pp fiber grass, fill sand, elastic layer, hard texture, skin burning problems of the fourth-generation products have not been resolved.

The fifth generation of products: each grass stem for a single filament filament, sand/rubber particles, soft texture, grass wire does not open fork, the fifth generation of products to solve the problem of skin burns, grass fiber resistance to UV performance is good.

Sixth generation Products: mesh single fiber filament, soft, no skin burns, grass fiber resistance to UV performance is good; increase the buffering of the movement, with a system of elastic cushion layer and dense filler, like natural grass.