Artificial Turf Dirt Cleaning

There are many ways to clean up the dirt on the artificial turf, but clean it up in time. Common foreign bodies are: leaves, nuts, chewing gum, mud stains, blood stains, etc., the elimination of the following methods:

1. Leaves, need to use broom cleaning.

2. Mud stains, direct water rinse can be.

3. Ash, can be washed with clean cloth stained with water.

4. Blood, can be used 1L water to add half a cup of salt, wash blood stains, and then use Winqing wash clean.

5. Ink, can be 30~40g neutral Qing Hao agent, mixed in 1L warm water, shake evenly after using Bu Qing rub stains.

6. Ink, can be diluted clean liquid cleaning, the 30~40g neutral detergent mixed in 1L warm water, stir evenly after cleaning ink parts.

7. Grease, fragrant mouth gum, may choose the whole vinyl chloride (Perchioroethylene) to use the cloth to rub on, erases has the grease or the fragrant mouth gum place, may use the cool freezing method to remove the gum.

8. Chocolate sugar, the use of light oil fine wash stains, the 30~40g neutral detergent mixed in 1L warm water, and then clean the chocolate position.