Artificial lawn ornament on automobile surface

With the continuous upgrading of artificial turf, the use of artificial lawn is more and more, and the use of artificial lawn is more and more extensive. Daily living environment, bathroom, bedroom, restaurant and so on, in addition to the decoration of the venue, there are many objects using green artificial lawn surface modification, decoration. Like some walls, decorative sculpture, dolls and so on. Recently met a customer, need to decorate a car, used for exhibition, such as the appearance of the car class decoration, first request the lawn beautiful, bright color, the best green pure color, the surface decorated grass length should not be too long, the grass is too long, the decoration of the car influence beauty.
Is it a car that can only be used for exhibitions after decoration, and can not be opened?
Not, private cars can also be decorated, depending on personal preferences, some people like to decorate their own cars, can buy a few lawn simple decoration, but should pay attention to the front of the glass and door to empty out, to prevent the impact of sight and access problems. People often have a childlike innocence, curious about the curious things, eager to pursue the mentality, pursuing a distinctive style, unique.