Application range of Artificial turf

1, leisure grass: can be used in the square, building roofs, swimming pools, courtyards, kindergartens, large and middle schools, venues, hotels, highways, railways, community greening.

2, Sports grass: can be used in the football field, tennis court, basketball court, badminton court, golf course, hockey field, softball field, track and field and so on.

3, Golf Grass: can be used in Gateball grass area, nursery, venue, hotels, golf venues.

(1) 40-60 mm grass is used in universities and in official competitions.

(2) 25-35 mm grass more used in primary and secondary school playground company Lawn finished product roll diameter data statistics

(3) 20 mm of grass are used in the golf course, tennis court, hockey field, volleyball court, runway and other pavement.