Advantages of Artificial turf site

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Artificial turf is completely unaffected by weather and region, can be used in extreme climatic areas such as cold, high temperature and plateau, and has long service life.

2, simulation

The artificial turf uses the Bionics principle, has the good simulation, causes the movement to be more safe and comfortable in the movement. Foot sense, the rebound speed of the ball is similar to the natural lawn, more professional.

3. Laying and maintaining

The construction of artificial turf is low, and it can be constructed on asphalt and cement with short cycle. The artificial lawn maintains conveniently, the seepage performance is good, also specially wear-resisting.

4, multi-purpose

Artificial turf color diversity, durability does not fade, can be associated with the surrounding environment and complex buildings, is the stadium hall, leisure courtyard, roof garden and other places the best choice.

5, excellent physical and chemical properties

A, water permeability, elasticity are very high, after the rain 20 minutes or so can be drained clean

B, tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-aging, color fastness, etc. have reached a very high level.