Advantages of artificial turf natural lawn

1th. In the exercise safety performance, the new generation of artificial grass fiber on the surface coating, polymerization materials on the improvement has been able to effectively reduce the skin scratches and foot sprain injury and other sports injuries occurred. And the damping performance is very superior.

2nd. The advantages of artificial turf on the characteristics of the natural turf movement is that the uniformity of the site is excellent and the flatness is much better, which can avoid the poor conditions caused by the climatic and conservation factors, thus affecting the competition.

In the early 80, the introduction of artificial turf in China, until the late 90 to get a large area of promotion. Along with the plastic runway, it has become a standard model for the construction of school sports venues, replacing a large number of sports venues that originally planted natural lawns.

Artificial turf can save later labor costs, and not affected by the external environment, and Shu Mai man-made lawn does not contain heavy metals, environmental testing are in line with international standards!