A home golf putting green course



Today, Linda went home from school and said to her Dad:Daddy, our teacher arranged the task for parents to take out the outing last week. A child's parents took him to play golf. When did you take me to play golf, too? Dad asked: did Linda like to play golf? Let's build a golf course at home, OK? Linda stared at his curious eyes and said, "OK, OK, but how do we build the golf course?" Dad said: This is very simple, hillsturf can help us found it, professional artificial lawn, 15 years of production and sales experience, safety, environmental protection, no pollution, can be used safely, and very cheap, because it is manufacturer, so the grass is the factory price, lower than the price of other suppliers. The quality is top-notch and manufactured according to international certification standards. Linda, wait a few more days, I'll build a nice and fun home golf course for you. We don't have to go out and no spend money to play at home. ' Linda: Wow, that's great! I'll have a golf course right away.